Target Rules for the Lower Silhouette Range

Firing on this range has resulted in ricochets impacting on the main range. To avoid this, please observe the following rules.

  1. Shoot only at approved targets. Approved targets are paper targets attached to frames provided by the range, metal silhouettes provided by the range, and metal swingers provided by the range. Other targets may be used if approved by the Range Manager or the Range Supervisor.
  2. Do not bring rocks and cobbles onto the range, and do not shoot at rocks or cobbles. Use the provided concrete target stands and wooden wedges to support targets.
  3. Support swingers in front of the berms, positioned such that the berms will block bullets that miss the swinger. Do not place swingers on top of the berms.
  4. When using metal silhouettes, place the silhouettes behind the berms when finished. Do not leave silhouettes in front of the berms.
  5. If you observe silhouettes or rocks on the range where they might inadvertently be struck by a bullet, move the silhouettes to a safe place and move rocks to the face of the berms that separate the ranges.
  6. Do not shoot at targets on the ground closer than the 40-yard line.